VIDEO: Here’s the Backstory to That Viral Jumping Wedding Photo With the Groomsman Kicking a Bridesmaid & Ripping His Pants 



The “jumping photo” seems to have become nearly ubiquitous in the lineup of standard wedding photos these days—and I’ll admit, when done well, it’s really fun. My friends have one from their wedding on the beach in Punta Cana—there’s got to be more than 10 of them, they’re each in a different position way up in the air, they each have a different facial expression, no one’s blocking anyone, and everyone’s in focus. Framer!

So you can’t blame this dude for going for the jumping photo … Oof, it’s just that he failed, and so very badly. After the ambitious/clumsy groomsman posted the photo on Reddit over the weekend, the photo went viral and got over six million views.

Thankfully, Good Morning America not only got the backstory on how this all came to be (hint: rum punch) and confirmed that the face of the bridesmaid in question did, in fact, remain intact (this incident occurred before the Jamaican nuptials began, of course)—they show us the whole photo. Take a look.

ABC News | ABC Sports News

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