The 2014 American Wedding Study Reveals Loads of Interesting Facts, Numbers and Statistics About How You’re Celebrating Your Engagement and Marriage  



BRIDES has completed its annual American Wedding Study, and boy is there a lot to look at. (Too bad this isn’t in infographic style.)

It provides numbers, stats, percentages and all kinds of other numbers in all kinds of other forms concerning various wedding topics, from what things costs to how couples use social media to how many people do it on their wedding night. There are some things in there we’ve talked about before (the cost of the average wedding), as well as some figures we can’t say we’ve seen before. Some highlights:

  • The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,002, and 59 percent of brides post a picture of it to social media after saying yes. (Reminder: Join them and send us yours!)
  • 11 percent of brides ask people not to post photos on social media during the wedding.
  • 73 percent of couples have sex on their wedding night. (Hmm.) 10 percent of married couples had sex on their first date.
  • 21 percent of brides are throwing a post-reception after-party.
  • 55 percent of brides are opting for a veil these days; 9 percent are buying a second dress for the reception.
  • Only 38 percent of brides anymore—interesting!—are having all their bridesmaids dress in the exact same color and style of dress.
  • 67 percent of brides choose not to see their groom before the ceremony.

For lots more where that came from, go here. How do you, your honey and your nuptials compare?

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