Picture of the Week: The Group Photo, Italy Style

Photo by Shea Roggio

Photo by Shea Roggio

From photographer Shea Roggio:

When my dear friends Brian and Christina asked me if I was interested in shooting a wedding in Italy, I blinked once and said “Si.” I spent a week in Lucca with the lovely couple (who coincidentally just opened a restaurant in Conshohocken called Bar Lucca); Brian’s ancestors had grown up in Vicino di Lucca—a town of 90 people—and his great-great grandfather had even refurbished the church the wedding was held in.

After having 80 guests fly into Lucca from all over the world, it was important for Brian and Christina to get at least one picture with every guest. Not the simplest shot imaginable, but I ended up choosing the Ponte del Diavolo, a walking bridge outside of Lucca, because it was the only spot that gave me a vantage point to have every guest line up and say “Formaggio!” for the camera. If zoomed in, you can actually get an amazing view of everyone’s face.

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