Bridal Fitness: Here’s How to Keep Your Wedding Fitness Goals on Track, Even When You Weekend at the Shore 



I don’t know about you guys, but my Shore weekends during the summer get me all kinds of off track when it comes to working out. Even if I’m in a good groove during the week, when you wake up on a Saturday morning in Avalon and the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing and the coffee has already been brewed and both your top deck and the beach are beckoning, it is whoa-hard to strap on your sneakers and get to it.

We know that you’ve got health and fitness goals for your wedding and that this summer, you are going to strive to be stronger than me and ignore the beach and the deck and the already-brewed coffee and strap on those sneakers, and we applaud that. That’s why we’re sharing Be Well Philly’s guide to keeping fit at the Shore: they list everything from races to surf contests to beach-bound yoga classes that are guaranteed to keep your weekend workout schedule full—and you motivated.

Sometimes we’re good, by the way. We’ll even add to BWP’s list that Anjali Power Yoga is pretty awesome. (Though we haven’t dared to try a class on a stand-up paddle board yet.) Hope this helps!

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