Win This Ultimate Proposal Contest and Get $5,000 Worth of Platinum Bling from a Philly Jeweler 



The Jewelry Information Center—which, as they describe it, is the consumer education arm of the Jewelers of America (the largest national association for fine jewelry businesses)—is launching, for the fifth year in a row, their national Ultimate Proposal Contest. This time around, though, they’re stamping it as the Platinum Edition.

As the name might suggest, the contest this year is centered around the pretty, durable metal—and the prize is seriously sweet. Here’s how it works:

  • If your proposal involved a platinum engagement ring (and we know some of yours do!), enter your story, along with a picture or video, on their website between July 7 and August 14, 2014 at noon.
  • At that point, voting will be opened up to the public, and America can start clicking on their favorite story.
  • The 10 entries that receive the most votes will be moved into the final round.
  • The winner will be announced on August 21.
  • The Grand Prize is $5,000 worth of platinum jewelry from any jeweler who is a member of Jewelers of America, which here in Philly means any number of fabulous places: Tiffany & Co., Bernie Robbins, Benari, Steven Singer, Jay Roberts, L.L. Pavorsky—the list goes on.

Sounds pretty easy and awesome to us! No downside; upside is the possibility of getting to pick out platinum wedding bands and oh, maybe a pair of earrings or a little something else sparkly at an amazing Philly jewelry shop. And we know you guys have awesome proposal stories to tell. So enter! And let us know how you make out.

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