ZOMG This Couple Recreated the Best Moments from “The Notebook” In Their Engagement Photos and It Is Fantastic 

One of many Allie and Noah moments recreated by a cool Canadian couple.

One of many Allie and Noah moments recreated by a cool Canadian couple.

I am about to say something to you, dear readers, that has horrified my girlfriends for, well, ten years now, I guess it is: I have never seen The Notebook.

I mean, I have seen bits and pieces and scenes—even the last twenty minutes, come to think of it, after I arrived at a friend’s house when she was watching it and she wouldn’t change the channel, declaring that I had “lost my chance” to see it from the beginning and not have it spoiled. But for whatever reason, I have never sat down and watched it all the way through, beginning to end. I think this means that in some way, I have failed at being a chick.

Even though I haven’t seen it, though, I know enough to know that this couple who recreated several scenes from the movie for their engagement pictures is awesome—and that these photos are awesome.

Apparently, they are actually from 2004, when the movie came out, but are going viral right now thanks to the buzz surrounding the film’s tenth anniversary. The awesome Canadian couple, Cindy Gauthier and Jean-Nicola Barile, and their photographer, Chelsea Gray, collaborated on the shoot as a way to liven up their engagement photos; Gray suggested it, and Cindy and Jean-Nicola were totally game.

The results are seriously delightful. Read more about it here—and see all the photos here.

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