Bride Who Wore Black-and-White Jailbird Uni for Her Bachelorette Party Ironically Spends Wedding Night In Jail In Her Dress

Don't worry, her groom was there, too. In his tux.



From the folks who brought us the bomb-threatening groom and the wedding-canceling sister, today’s news shares with us the story of a British couple who got happily married, and then walked, hand-in-hand to the check-in desk at the Deansgate hotel where they had earlier tied the knot. And that’s where the downward spiral started.

They got into some sort of disagreement with the check-in people, who summoned the assistance of a few security guards who, it seems, the couple also did not appreciate. The altercation turned physical—apparently, the groom slashed one of the guard’s faces and the bride yelled racist slurs at another—and the evening ended with the newlyweds sleeping in adjoining jail cells, in full wedding regalia.

For reasons we are unsure of—metaphorical, one can assume?—the bride had previously worn a black-and-white jailbird, um, costume, I guess it was, for her bachelorette party. Talk about foreshadowing. Oh dear.

Photos here.

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