Are Piñatas The Next Big Wedding Trend?

Photo by Erich McVey via Wedding Chicks

Photo by Erich McVey via Wedding Chicks

Trend is a tricky (read: overused) word, and one we don’t prefer to throw around too carelessly when it comes to wedding ideas. So it’s safe to say that when we come across an idea dubbed “one of the year’s hottest wedding decor trends,” we’re going to need a second opinion.

As was the case when we stumbled upon a post on that detailed the 7 reasons why you need a piñata at your wedding. Piñatas, really? At a wedding? We weren’t so sure. But then again, there have been posts about the topic in the past (like here and here), Pinterest boards dedicated to it, and our friends over at BHLDN even have a pretty heart one for sale. Needless to say, we were intrigued, so we turned to our trusty experts to set the record straight.

“[Wedding piñatas] are a fun idea, for the right group and the right wedding,” says Susan Norcross, Wedding Director of Styled Bride. Though she hasn’t received a request for one just yet, Norcross notes that it could be an appropriate addition for a laidback, outdoor affair. “I think this would be great for a relaxed, outdoor wedding where it just becomes another game—maybe something to add to the lawn game festivities,” she says. “Plus, then you can find a clear spot outdoors with more room and nothing to accidentally break.”

Open space is key here, which is why Norcross cautions against a piñata for indoor weddings. “After a few cocktails, blindfolds, bats, and candies scattered across a dance floor with 100-200 people scrambling around might not mix!”

We’re going to hold off on calling wedding piñatas a trend just yet, but we remain intrigued—at the very least, it’d be a super cute photo op—and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Would you have a piñata at your wedding?

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