VIDEO: Watch Johnny Depp Talk About Wearing His Fiance Amber Heard’s Engagement Ring With David Letterman

We’ve been hearing a bit about “mangagement rings,” lately—enough, actually, that we are going to investigate this supposed “trend” here in Philly and report back—and of course, leave it to Johnny Depp to take an already unusual thing and just make it (wonderfully) bizarre. 

Last night on the Late Show, David Letterman pointed out that Johnny was actually sporting not a mangagement ring—which are typically just plain wedding-ring-ish bands worn by men to visibly show that they, too, are nuptially spoken fore—but a female engagement ring, in that it is sparkly and feminine and features a large diamond mounted on a diamond band, as is typically seen on, you know, a female fiance.

Apparently, as happens with many boys who go and get an engagement ring for their girl (Stars! They’re just like us!), he didn’t really know her size, got her a ring that’s too big, and—here’s where they are not like us—started sporting it himself, since she couldn’t wear it, instead of, you know, just getting it resized. (And don’t worry: sounds like she’s wearing one that fits just fine.)

I kind of love everything about this. Please enjoy.

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