Giving a Wedding Vendor a Bad Review? Just Don’t Get Sued

In this week’s bridal PSA, how to avoid a defamation lawsuit!

Brides, beware: If you signed a contract with a wedding vendor only to later find out they were awful, unprofessional or didn’t deliver – think twice before you take to the internet to type that scathing review.

The Huffington Post has a terrifying story about brides who were threatened with big-time lawsuits for doing exactly that before reading the fine print on their contracts.

“A growing number of vendors are adding clauses to their contracts to prohibit couples from posting any negative reviews online. And these wedding “professionals” are quick to threaten brides who break these contracts with legal action. One Virginia bride, who recently blogged anonymously about a certified letter she received from a vendor, worried she could be facing a defamation lawsuit for up to $350,000. Yep, her online rant could potentially cost her the price of a modest house.”

Who knew? More importantly, if you spot such a clause, we say the vendor doth protest too much. Any service provider worth their salt should be much more concerned about satisfying customers than the digital repercussions of not doing so. But if you do find yourself swindled and are looking to help out your fellow bride, just make sure you didn’t sign away your ranting privileges first.

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