A Groom Surprised His Bride—and Their Guests!—With a Wedding That Day

Back in the fall, we told you the story of Ryan and Amanda. Though the two were not engaged, Amanda kept a Pinterest board of what her idea wedding day would look like—and Ryan used that Pinterest board to plan the wedding—which he then surprised her with on the very same day that he proposed. Luckily, it worked out. 

The above version of this concept makes us a little nervous, honestly: What if that backfires and the bride is devastated that she doesn’t get to do the whole engaged/planning thing? But this version of it we think is super sweet, and while it still carries some risk, it’s much, much less.

Carly Butler and Adam Verheyen were engaged and had actually planned pretty much their entire wedding when she flew to England for a few months to take on a family project. When she returned home, it was to a letter from her fiance letting her know that actually, their wedding day was that very day; that he had put it all together with help from her mom under the guise of an engagement party. Even the bride’s uncle, who was hosting it, didn’t know what the party was really about. (There’s that ambush wedding thing again!)

It’s very sweet. Read the whole story here, and take a look at the video below.

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