Bridal Nutrition: 6 Low-Cal Ingredient Swaps (and Recipes!) for Easy, Healthier Cooking



Thanks to Be Well Philly, tonight, I am going to go home, toss a few handfuls of cauliflower into a food processor until it’s chopped up into itty-bitty bits, toss those itty-bitty bits into a pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper, eat it on the side of some broiled fish, and call it … rice. (Well, at least I’m going to try.)

Eating healthy, like you’re undoubtedly trying to do now in your quest to get dress-ready, is inarguably easier to do at home—and who among us couldn’t use another tip on easy, clever ways to do that?

This Be Well post calls out six low-cal swaps you can make for your usual not-so-low-cal ingredients that will make a huge difference when it comes to the amount of sugar, calories, and/or fat in the dish that you are making. And while some of them you have probably heard before (the ole applesauce-for-sugar trick), many of them (the aforementioned cauliflower sub, and just wait to see how you can “fake” an egg), we’d bet, will be news to you.

Get all six here.

What other healthy ingredient swaps to you use? Share with your fellow brides! 

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