16 Fun Ways to Ask Your Girls to Be Your Bridesmaids

And yes, more than one of them involves wine.

The "Will you be my bridesmaid?" tag attached to my wine glass by my friend.

The “Will you be my bridesmaid?” tag attached to my wine glass by my friend.

A few months after my friend Erin got engaged, another friend and I were over at her house for a girls’ night when she casually brought into the living room a tray filled with cheese (obv—like I said, girls’ night) and a glass of wine for each of us before flitting back into the kitchen.

And when we went to pick up our glasses for our first sips, we saw the cute little tags hanging onto the stems: Carrie, As I prepare for the day I’m to be a bride, it would mean the world to me to have you sipping by my side. Will you be my bridesmaid? XO, Erin.

It was sweet, low key, and perfect.

Brides asking their girlfriends to be their bridesmaids in increasingly elaborate ways has become somewhat of a thing in very recent years—enough so that, because the majority of my friends have been married for a good handful of years, that’s really my only story of being “asked” in any way besides just in person or with a cute card, despite very nearly starring in my own real life version of 27 Dresses.

If elaborate doesn’t exactly describe how you envision your approach to rounding up your bridesmaids, but you would like some inspiration for cute little ways to do it, à la my friend E above (who got them from Anthologie Press on Etsy, by the way), we’ve got a few to share with you. Take a look:

What about you? How did you ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding? Share your ideas below so others can be inspired! 

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