Design Your Engagement Ring Online at Ritani, Then Ship It to a Philly Jeweler to View Before You Buy

Feeling this ring? You can design it at, then ship it to a Philly jeweler to try it on before you pay for it.

Feeling this ring? You can design it at, then ship it to a Philly jeweler to try it on before you pay for it. Photo courtesy of Ritani.

Well, it looks like Ritani has made itself kind of the Warby Parker of engagement rings.

Just like the trusty eyeglass company (with Philly roots!) that allows you to select a bunch of eyeglass frames and then receive them at your home to chose the one (or styles) that you’ll actually end up purchasing, online jewelry purveyor Ritani has a service through their website that allows its engagement ring-buyers to do a similar thing.

Any would-be proposer simply goes to their site, and through their online process, designs a ring by selecting from any of the myriad diamond cuts, bands, and settings. Once the ring is set (see what we did there?), there are two options: You can pay for the ring and ship it directly to your door. Or, you can ship the ring to any of Ritani’s partnering jewelers in Philadelphia, and go inspect it before you even pay for it. If you’re not into how any part of it looks in real life, you simply send it back—or, work with the jeweler at the shop to exchange it for whatever style you should have gone for—and that’s that.

There aren’t any restrictions on this process, from the size of the rock to how many rings you can to do this with, so you and your to-be (or just your to-be!) and free to futz and fiddle until you’ve got the ring of both of your dreams. Just fill in your zip code to see which of Ritani’s partnering jewelers are closest to you—though you can find a few of their key buddies below:

Jay Roberts Jewelers, 515 Rte 73 S, Evesham Township NJ, (856) 596-8600

A.R. Morris Jewelers, 3832 Kennett Pike, Greenville DE, (302) 777-4367

Milanj Diamonds – King of Prussia Mall, 160 North Gulph Road, (610) 992-0707

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