Wedding Planner Carolyn Verdi’s New South Philly Boutique’s Got You Covered From the Gown to the Invitations

by Jessica Green | February 19, 2014 2:54 pm

The Carolyn Verdi boutique is at 1746 East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly.

The Carolyn Verdi boutique is at 1746 East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly.

There are certainly one-stop shops that cover things like, say, your wedding-day ensemble, hitting on the gown, shoes, clutch, jewelry, and headpiece all under one roof. And then there are one-stop shops that cover a wide gamut of needs—and that’s what we’ve got on our hands with Philadelphia wedding planner Carolyn Verdi’s new boutique.

Besides planning, Verdi used to be involved in the Sample Rack[1], a fab gown shop on Pine that sells deeply discounted dresses from designer showrooms, but she wanted to open her East Passyunk  shop—Carolyn Verdi Boutique[2]—so that she could have a place to expand her business in any way she wanted to—and that’s exactly what she did. (As she says: “We do everything.) Here’s what you can find:

Verdi is so excited to bring her 23 years of wedding-planning experience and knack for wedding-day style to her new shop—and can’t wait to help brides make some check marks on that overwhelmingly long to-do list.

The boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday, but appointments can be made for off-hours if needed.

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