Photo/Nerd Alert: This Bride’s Bouquet Is Made Out of Pages from Harry Potter

The "flowers" in this bridal bouquet are made out of pages from Harry Potter. Photo via Reddit.

The “flowers” in this bridal bouquet are made out of pages from Harry Potter. Photo via Reddit.

Don’t even ask us to retrace whatever Internet rabbit hole we had gone down when we stumbled upon this, but oh boy are we glad we did.

The fab photo that you see here was posted to Reddit; a wedding detail from a recent wedding offered up for enjoyment. And we are very much enjoying it. It’s a bridal bouquet made out of the pages of a Harry Potter book, each of them dyed red and folded into some sort of origami rose/flower. So fun! (Though I would very much like to know: Which Harry Potter book? The first? The seventh? Some from all of them maybe?)

Anyway. I also just think it’s a cool idea in general—you could use any of your favorite books, whether that meant the pages from each of yours, or perhaps a work of literature that holds some significance for your relationship. It’s not only a cool, personal twist—it’s a bouquet that will last forever.

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