More and More Couples Are Buying Wedding Insurance These Days



In our neck of the woods at least, I feel like all the wedding insurance talk really started to pick up after Sandy (Superstorm, of course)—but all over the country, whether it’s because they’re concerned about kooky weather, they just want to protect their investment (after all, the average American wedding costs around $27,000 these days), or because there are some great options now for coverage, more and more couples are opting to buy wedding insurance as they’re planning everything that will go into their Big Day.

NBC News has an interesting article on the subject that is certainly worth a read, especially if you’re been considering wedding insurance. The most common thing it seems to protect against is a vendor who fails in some way, either by not showing up or not delivering on the agreed goods or services, or what have you—and while “change of heart” has always been a most common exception to coverage, they even mention one carrier who accepts that as a claim. (Though it’s only good if the cold-footed person changes their mind and announces it more than nine months out from the wedding, which, oof—with most of the called-off wedding stories we’ve heard, the heart never seems to change with that much notice.)

Are you and your groom going to buy wedding insurance to protect against anything that might get in the way of your picture-perfect Big Day? What convinced you? 

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