Let Your Groom Know How You’re Feeling About Him With This Awesome Married/Single Brass Ring

Em, sporting her new bauble from the Joan Shepp Basement Sale.

Em, sporting her new bauble from the Joan Shepp Basement Sale.

So my darling colleague, Emily—you know her from her recently put-to-bed column right here on PW, Diary of a Marriage—just returned from the Joan Shepp Basement Sale (get all the deets on that as well as Em’s tips for shopping it over on her lifestyle blog, Shoppist) with this new bauble on her finger, so obviously, I took a picture of it immediately, that I might immediately present it to you.

“Isn’t it so awesome?” she asked, as she beamed happily down at it. “I plan on flipping it when I’m mad at Justin so he just knows when he’s in the dog house.”

I laughed and shook my head in solidarity with Justin, who is a dear, but had to give it to her: Yes, it’s awesome.

If you’d like to give Em’s intended method a whirl for yourself with your guy, grab it at Joan Shepp while it’s still there. If other people beat you to it, though, it’s the Monserat De Lucca Married/Single brass ring—which we’ve also see over on SHOPBOP.

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