Woman Sues Her Lawyers Because Her Divorce Resulted in Her Marriage Ending



Listen up, ladies: While obviously, we hope and trust that you and your groom will never, ever come to such things, we feel it is our duty, having recently discovered that some people find this confusing, to make sure that all of our readers understand this technicality concerning the legal union you are about to enter into:

Getting a divorce means that you will no longer be married.

Apparently, a British lady who was living under this veil of confusion was shocked and dismayed to find that once she got divorced, her marriage had ended—so shocked and dismayed, in fact, that she sued her lawyers for not properly explaining this outcome to her.

It got thrown out (SHOCKER!), but she really was for reals:

Jane Mulcahy had argued that the lawyers should have made it clear that a divorce would cause her marriage to be terminated – something which she apparently wanted to avoid.

The lawyers failed to regard her Roman Catholic faith and should have recommended judicial separation – a step down from full divorce – as an alternative course of action, she said.

So maybe just keep this whole episode in mind as a lesson learned. We just wouldn’t want our readers to suffer the same unpleasant discovery.

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