Real Talk: The 44 Actual Steps of Planning a Wedding



Saw this blog post this morning, and since we definitely enjoy a little humorous real talk about wedding planning around here, thought our brides might also get a kick out of this breakdown of the wedding planning process into 44 make-you-crazy steps.

While I might personally tweak where a few of the steps fall in the timeline, it is actually a thorough, helpful and legit guide to when you should be getting things done—but that’s not entirely the point. From the beginning stages of organizing (“After realizing that folder cannot possibly fit another receipt, create a wedding pile in the middle of your apartment, free of charge.”) to towards-the-end tasks like creating the seating chart (“During which you will be forced to decide which friend in a table of nine you like the least and will doom to sit with the outcasts at table 11.”), it’ll just make you laugh.

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