5 Reasons to Skip the Whole “Choose Your Wedding Colors” Thing



This week, we read a post on Jezebel entitled “Choosing Your Wedding Colors Is the Gateway Drug to Insanity,” which denounced picking wedding colors as a one-way trip to crazy. And while we don’t really agree with that—brides choosing a color palette for their weddings isn’t anything new, and for a lot of people, it’s just the common-sense way to put together a lot of pieces to the party puzzle—they did have something right: Having set colors for your wedding is not always necessary.

It’s 2013, and traditions are changing. So, if you’re more of an out-of-the-box kind of bride, we’ve got five reasons why skipping the whole color-choosing scenario can actually be really great. Behold:

  • Cheaper flowers. If you’re not restricted by a certain color scheme, you have more options, the cheapest of which are seasonal blooms. And when you don’t have to pay for extravagant transportation costs or greenhouse fees, that can make a big difference.
  • More design freedom. Rather than choosing a color scheme and then planning your wedding around that, why not try the other way around? This blogger over at Bridechka did just that, and let the color scheme develop on its own. This way can be less stressful, and make for a more organic looking scene.
  • Make it a fiesta! Or anything you want to make it! No color scheme means no reason to stamp out any cultural traditions in the name of sticking to a theme. Melissa and Eddie here, for example, accented their Hispanic heritage by not only going without a color scheme, but using a rainbow of bright, traditional colors.
  • Let loose with non-traditional trends. No color scheme does not mean no color. One blogger over at BridalBuds went with jewel tones for her wedding, which meant an entire array of rich hues that were totally in style at the time of her wedding. Are you a more trendy, daring bride? Not having a color scheme frees you to experiment with trends like metallics, tribal prints and even animal prints.   
  • Less drama from bridesmaids. Don’t feel like hearing your bridesmaids whine about dress colors they don’t like? Don’t have to! With no color scheme, you can outfit your bridesmaids in a range of different dresses from black to floral to multi-colored. That way your wedding, and not a repeated color scheme, can be the focus for the day.

Have any of you decided to forego the whole “wedding colors” thing? Why? What are you doing instead? 

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