The Soon-to-Be Fiance of the “300 Sandwiches” Blogger Is Crowd-Sourcing Proposal Ideas



Remember back in the fall when we directed your attention to the story of the New York Post Page Six writer who was keeping a blog that chronicled her tongue-in-cheek mission to nab an engagement ring from her sandwich-obsessed boyfriend by making him 300 sandwiches? (Side note: I have followed her blog since then, and there are, like, 25 sandwiches that I need to try and make. Girl knows what she’s doing. Brussels sprouts in a grilled cheese? YES.)

Welp, she’s almost there—less than 100 to go!—and so now, “Mr. 300 Sandwiches,” as he called himself in a recent Post column is looking for some proposal ideas. (He wants to outdo Kanye.)

Considering that between the literal countdown and the huge public spotlight on this whole thing, there’s probably never been a girlfriend more on high alert, boyfriend had really better come up with something.

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