Follow These Tips If You Want to Make Like Keira Knightley and Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

If you pay attention at all to the fashion or bridal worlds (and, um, I’m thinking you do), you already know that Keira Knightley got married not too long ago in a Chanel dress she had worn before (gasp!) and that she recently wore that same dress a third time (double gasp!) on the red carpet.

This is all fine.

Brides repurpose pieces of their wedding-day ensemble all the time. It’s great! I have a friend who wears her satin Kelly green Kate Spade peep-toes from her wedding day with jeans. I know of another lady who has worn her wedding-day Monique Lhuillier corset (she did the top and ball skirt thing) to cocktail parties. And one of my PW bridal bloggers from a few years ago, Leslie, totally repurposed her wedding dress—like, totally; you can see what she did over on her blog—and will now be able to wear it as often as she likes, well, forever.

But since the buzz is still buzzing on this particular Fashion Event, Good Morning America did a little segment on it today that actually offered a few tips on recycling/repurposing/rewearing your wedding dress, if this is the route you wish to take. Some tips are definitely just common sense, but a few will definitely give you some things to consider when trying to decide what you’ll do with the one after she has served her purpose.

Take a look.

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