Dear God, Please Look at This Picture of a Couple’s “Till Death Do Us Part” Wedding Cake



What’s that you’re thinking? That skeleton hand to the left here, depicting the whole concept of “till death do us part” isn’t so pretty? Yeah, I know. But I need to prime you.

I need to prime you because you have to look at this picture of the wedding cake of newlywed Texas couple Natalie and David Sideserf, and in order to look at that picture, you have to be prepared.


Natalie is a cake artist and owns her own bakery, Sideserf Cake Studio.

The couple likes horror movies.

Natalie loves sculpting life-like cakes, especially ones with faces.

They decided to roll with the marital concept of “Till death do us part” for their wedding-cake design.

Aaaaand here are the results! 


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