Adorable Favor Alert: Your Favorite Instagram Photos Printed on Cocoagraph Chocolate

Cocoagraph chocolate wedding favors. Photo by Philly photog Nina Lily.

Cocoagraph chocolate wedding favors. Photo by Philly photog Nina Lily.

Saw this while flipping through my InStyle the other night, and because my brain apparently doesn’t have a “wedding OFF” switch, thought of one thing: What a cute wedding favor that would be!

Cocoagraph is a company that takes your images and prints them onto bars of milk, white or dark chocolate—or organic versions of the same—using food coloring and edible, perishable frosting paper.

The images can be whatever you want—from old photographs to your favorite Instagram of you and him, or even logos (check out Vera’s, below!), if you have a custom monogram you’re using for various parts of your wedding decor, and would want to do that—and there are a variety of sizes to choose from, depending on your image and what you’re looking for. They use Guittard chocolate, a family-operated company based in Northern California near where Cocoagraph’s headquarters moved to a year ago from Philly. They are licensed by Fair Trade USA, and source cocoa beans that are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The wrapper on the chocolates is just clear cellophane so that you can see your customized image through it, though there is a sticker on the back that you can also personalize with your names or initials and wedding date, if you like. And, bonus, since they’re no longer in Philly: They ship both nationally and internationally You can get in touch with them to chat about pricing here.

So, cute favors, amiright?

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