Welcome to the New Philadelphia Wedding Site!

We've got a new name—and a new look.

PW-welcome sign shutterstockHappy Monday, everyone, and welcome to the new Philadelphia Wedding!

You might notice that we look a little bit different around here—and that it no longer says Bridal Bulletin across the top of the page. That’s because BB is now a thing of the past—now, it’s all Philadelphia Wedding, all the time. (Same goes with our newsletter—no more BB, all PW!)

The site is literally just-launched—less than 24 hours old; a newborn!—so in the coming days and weeks, we’ll be updating, we’ll be creating, we’ll be adding lots of goodies here and there—and, yes, fixing things that go wrong along the way. We’ll have some new things in store that we’re excited to share with you guys—and of course, all of the fun news and roundups you’re used to.

So enjoy, and please, bear with us! We’re super pumped to bring you our new look and are looking forward to hanging out with you here each and every day.

Happy planning!

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