New York Post Page Six Writer Must Make 300 Sandwiches for Her Boyfriend Before Getting Engaged

PW-sandwich-shutterstockWell isn’t this an interesting little story.

Apparently, for over a year now, there has been a blog called, which takes its readers along on the story of its writer, Stephanie Smith. Her full time job (it’s just been revealed) is as a senior Page Six reporter with the New York Post—but her main past time is whipping up sandwiches for her boyfriend. A lot of sandwiches, because, you see, once she makes him 300 sandwiches, they will get engaged.

In a story she wrote for her newspaper yesterday, she explains how this little arrangement came to be. To boil it down, the boyfriend loves sandwiches, the boyfriend was so obsessed with a sandwich she made for him one time that he declared that she was “300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring,” she decided to take him at his word, started counting every sandwich she made, and started a blog about it that went viral.

As you can imagine, reaction to this has varied. And while I don’t have quite as strong a reaction as, say, Jezebel, to this tale, I do think it’s odd if this couple were to actually—like, literally, for reals—base their actual real-life life on this arrangement, just because it’s become a thing. I think it’s funny that she started counting, and I think the idea to turn it into a blog is a genius no-brainer—but 300 is an arbitrary number that happened to pop into his head at the moment he said that, and it means absolutely nothing. What if he had said 100? Or 500? Would their lives have been shaped by either of those randomly thrown-out-there numbers, too, if they decided to follow this joke to the end?

Keep the counting, keep the blog, keep winking at each other that this funny little thing you’ve created together has completely blown up—but if it’s time to get married, get married. One thing at play here is a silly sandwich tally, and the other is life. Life wins.

What do you think about this story?

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