58 Photos That’ll Make You Want to Use Mint As Your Wedding Color

58 Photos That'll Make You Want to Use Mint As Your Wedding Color

BHLDN's Jadette cake stand. Photo by Ryan Lavine.

We have been into mint for quite some time now, as evidenced by the full page we dedicated to the lovely, soothing, pretty-on-everyone and for-everything color in our last spring/summer issue of Philadelphia Wedding. We just like it.

And honestly, although you’d first think of it as a warm-weather hue, now that the warm-weather season is officially on its way out (even though it’s 82 today, yes, yes—Labor Day is over; it’s officially on its way out), we still find ourselves wanting to use it, to see it. Because the hing is, it can totally be used in creative ways into the fall—and, we think, even into winter. You’d just use cooler, icier tones of it, and in different ways than the great swaths of the more ice-creamy hue that you might during the summer.

And then, lo and behold, we see this! Other people agree! Look at it all!

And so, here it is, then: 51 minty-wedding photos, and 7 minty-wedding photos.

Are you using pretty shades of mint in your wedding? What season? In what ways are you using it? We’re totally with you!

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