South Jersey’s Verde Salon Has a New, Organic, Express-Dry Spray Tan

South Jersey's Verde Salon Has a New, Organic, Express-Dry Spray Tan

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If you are anything like me, you have, many a time, realized that you have not made an appointment to get an airbrush tan for an event until a) the day before, and have not been able to get an appointment until the next day (event day) or b) the day of, and then have had to either just do it the day of, or not have one (gasp!) at all. Both suck.

Because the thing is, with most spray tans, the minimum number of hours that you are supposed to wait post-tan before taking a shower is four. Eight is better. Overnight is ideal. If you don’t follow this, you pretty much just wash the tan right down the drain before it imparts its party-ready glow onto your skin. And if you just head to the soiree without showering, well, it looks a little much. All the stuff sitting on top of your skin is too dark/too orange to have a hope and a prayer of looking natural, and there is, no matter what the place says, always that spray-tan smell that will mix oddly with your expensive perfume. Eau du Spray Tan is no good.

That’s why we were quite intrigued to hear about this new spray-tan formula that Verde Salon in Collingswood now has. It’s an organic express airbrush tan—because not only does it dry super fast, you can shower in 30 minutes! Well, that is, if you’re cool with being left with a lighter bronze. Wait 90 minutes for medium color, and two hours for a darker look. But still!

The tan comes in two different shades (which can be combined and mixed to create a custom shade), and before the tan is applied, they give you a pre-tan treatment spray to make sure it lasts. The whole thing costs $50—and right now, is exclusive to Verde.

As a wedding guest or bridesmaid, there are quite a few ways that this would come in handy—getaway bachelorette party, shower, rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself—so we can only imagine how handy it would be for a bride to be able to get an airbrush tan the day of an event, as you have so many events for which you just might want a little extra glow. Cool.

We haven’t gotten over there to try it yet, so if you do, please report back! Happy tanning.

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