PHOTOS: 29 Cool, Cute Wedding Band Tattoos

PHOTOS: 29 Cool, Cute Tattoo Wedding Bands

Michael and Megan outside Olde City Tattoo in Philadelphia, where they got their wedding bands tattooed on their fingers. Photo by Love Me Do Photography.

We were just recently talking about how it seems that lately, brides—and even brides in Philly—have been a) letting their tattoos fly on their wedding days instead of covering them up and b) have even been getting matching tattoos with their new spouse  to symbolize either just their relationship in general, or more specifically, their wedding day.

And then, lo and behold, we come across this little roundup on Buzzfeed showing a plethora (28!) of super awesome wedding-band tattoos! Some are plain bands, some are hearts, some are initials or monograms or the significant other’s name, some are little designs that fit together, some are little designs that are probably meaningful to the couple, some are little symbolic designs—love, love, love the anchors—some are signs signifying “forever,” and, well, you probably get the gist. If you and your to-be have been thinking about tatting your bands, there is plenty of inspiration to be had in there.

But also, this reminded us that a Megan and Michael, a couple featured in our very own current issue of Philadelphia Wedding did just this! Their wedding is not online yet—though we’ll be sure to link around when it is—but we did manage to rustle up a few photos of their trip to Olde City Tattoo following their sweet ceremony at City Hall. (Their weeks-later reception at Terrain is what is featured in the magazine, and what we will share with you here if you stay tuned.) Photos below are from the lovely Amanda Jaffe at Philly’s Love Me Do Photography. For even more, check out their blog here.

Are you and your to-be thinking about doing this? What are you going to get? Share in the comments!


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