Your Wedding Website: Internet Soon Expanding to Include “.wed” Domain

Your Wedding Website: Internet Soon Expanding to Include ".wed" Domain

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There was a very interesting article in the Washington Post recently about how the internet is going to expand. Duh, you might be thinking—doesn’t it do that every day? But this is talking about how, literally, more space on the internet is soon going to exist by way of many, many more top-level domains coming into existence. (The term top-level domain refers to everything that comes after the dot in a web address—so, most frequently, the “.com,” “.gov,” or whatever.)

One of the projected biggies of these new top-level domains: .wed! As the article explains, it was purchased by a military contractor named Adrienne McAdory who saw the business potential in it and scooped it up. Here’s what she envisions:

  • McAdory’s vision: lots of engaged couples want their own wedding sites, but the addresses they want aren’t available because other couples are already parked on them. Through the .wed domain, couples could purchase an inexpensive address——for two years, long enough to see them married. After that, the site’s cost would drastically increase, pricing the couple out, leaving the space open for a new Jessica and Mark.

Pretty cool, right? Check out the piece to find out more about what this means in general—but in the wedding world, keep your eye out. We just might be seeing websites with a .wed sooner than we think.

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