BRIDAL DIET: Here’s What Fruit to Eat—and Avoid—for Weight Loss

BRIDAL DIET: Here's What Fruit to Eat—and Avoid—for Weight Loss

Igor Lateci

I feel like the stuff our colleagues post over at Be Well Philly is often very enlightening and helpful—and then other times, it’s kind of a downer. Like when it tells you something super easy and seemingly good for you is actually bad for weight loss. Meh.

That’s kind of where we are with this one. Eating fruit as part of your health and fitness program to rock that wedding dress? Not so fast. Their contributor explains how some particular fruits that are particularly high in sugar can actually completely derail you by causing sugar cravings. And when all you want is to swim in Swedish Fish and shovel in Dove chocolate after Dove chocolate,  it is kind of hard to stay on that diet.

Check out the info and video here. And then go retool that smoothie recipe.

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