Bridal Blogger Carly: What’s Next—and Goodbye!

Bridal Blogger Carly: What’s Next—and Goodbye!

Carly, Sean & friends and family on their wedding day.

I have written and re-written the first sentence of my final blog a number of times. And while it’s cliché to say it’s also true: I just don’t know where to start.

Sean and I have been married for 41 days, and while I’d like to say that we’ve been in a haze of wedded bliss since June 29th, it’s been a such a whirlwind we have barely been able to enjoy it.

Over the winter we decided to buy a house and relocate to Wilmington. Sean’s job is there, and with his long hours, a move to Wilmington means more time together and less time in the car. The house we bought was a fixer-upper, so we kept our apartment in Philly through June and spent the spring gutting and renovating the Wilmington house (yeah, that’s right, during wedding crunch time… crazy, absolutely.) The work wrapped up while we were on our honeymoon and we began packing and moving the day after we returned.

The last month has been a mix of happiness and stress. Happy hours and TV binge-watching sessions have dramatically decreased as we spend much of our free time working on projects in the house or thinking about projects that need to be done to the house. We have only spent one weekend at the beach (and it was rainy) and find ourselves longing for the days when summertime meant easy living.

But, I do not share this as an invitation to our pity-party. There is a lot of excitement that comes along with this new house. While my evenings used to be full of Google searches for bands and flowers and dresses, my Pinterst boards are now covered with couches, DIY projects, and room layout ideas. The remodeling we did turned out beautifully, and now we get to accessorize and decorate, and we finally have space to put away our fabulous wedding gifts.

While I’ve heard of the bridal blues, I’ve been way to busy to suffer that affliction. Rather, we’ve moved on to a new (consuming) project, which really makes it clear that we’ve entered a new chapter of our lives. Is home ownership going to be easy? So far it certainly hasn’t been. Is it going to be rewarding? I believe it will be. While we have always considered being with each other as being “home,” it’s really cool to attach that “home” to a house that we have played an instrumental role in designing and creating.

So, I sign off now as a wife, a new homeowner and a hopeful woman who sees a lot of happiness with her new husband in her their home.

Thanks so much for being a part of my journey to this place. I appreciate all of the advice, love and support I’ve gotten over this past year. Wish me luck—as I wish you all the very best.



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