Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Our First Shoot for Philadelphia Wedding Spring/Summer 2014


I really can’t believe it, and I don’t know how or why it’s possible considering it’s still the summer of 2013 and our fall/winter 2013 issue of Philadelphia Wedding just came out—but somehow, yesterday, we found ourselves shooting our very first story for the spring/summer 2014 issue of Philadelphia Wedding. Craziness.

But anyway. I will tell you that we were shooting gowns—gorgeous, to-die-for, we-couldn’t-stop-oohing-and-ahhing-at-them gowns—and that the setting was probably one of our most favorite yet—but that’s all. We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

But since we’re so pumped, I decided that at the very least, these guys—and by these guys, I mean our very friendly llama co-workers from yesterday—could say hi. I know it’s hard to believe, but they won’t be making an appearance in the next issue, so we thought we’d give them their moment here.

You’ll find out where they live soon enough!

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