ASK THE EXPERT: Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

ASK THE EXPERT: Who Pays for the Honeymoon?


Q: My fiancé and I assumed we’d be paying for the honeymoon ourselves, but people have mentioned that the groom’s parents traditionally pay for it. In this day and age, who typically pays for the honeymoon?

A: There is a handful of items that the groom and his family are expected to cover when it comes to splitting wedding costs in the most traditional way, says Christiane Lehman, owner of Philly’s Truly You Events. The rehearsal dinner, wedding rings and the honeymoon are on that list.

However, “In modern times, planning a wedding budget works differently for every family,” she says. “Your best bet is to sit down with both sets of parents at the beginning to discuss the wedding costs, if you believe they may be interested in contributing.” Regardless of who is funding the other wedding events, Lehman says, she most often sees couples paying for their honeymoons themselves, using a portion of monetary gifts from the wedding to cushion their trip funds.

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