Here Is the New York Times Wedding Story That the Internet Is Freaking Out About

Well, in case you didn’t see this, we thought it worth posting, because, to quote the Atlantic in their roundup of the web commentary surrounding this particular nuptial story, it’s catching the attention of “even the most jaded Internet veterans.” And you know what? I’ll even include myself in there.

It’s the New York Times wedding story of Lindsay Benner, a professional juggler, and Dan Das Mann, a sculptor (whose sculptures often involve fire, it seems like). It involves—well, their crazy professions, for starters—them being star-crossed, drama, persistence, fate, fraught texts, more star-crossed-ness, and enough moments and developments to make you at least chuckle or raise your eyebrows, if not make incredulous little utterances under your breath alone in your office.

Except, you know what? It actually barely tells the story of their wedding—it’s just their story that’s so intriguing. Which means now I’m going to have to Google around and look for what will hopefully be a comprehensive pictorial blog post done by their wedding photographer, because this, I’ve gotta see.

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