Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: I’ll Be a Spray-Tanned Bride

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: I’ll Be a Spray-Tanned Bride

Kristy and her tan-mentor friend and bridesmaid, Lauren, with their spray-tan glows last weekend.

Before this past weekend, I would sit all day inside a building with beautiful sunshine outside, with my thoughts of being a bronzed bride slowly being crushed thanks to my 8-to-5 work schedule. But at my last dress fitting, I knew I’d either have to start figuring out a way to spend a lot of time outside, which, as I just mentioned, seemed impossible, or find an alternate route to getting a little sun-kissed glow.

Now, I know with those comments some of you may be quickly reminded that I’m from Jersey. I’ve seen Jersey Shore—heck, I grew up going to the Jersey shore—and I know a fake-and-bake tan when I see it. And I wasn’t looking for this result; I was looking for something healthy, natural, and wouldn’t hurt my skin.

My bridesmaid and eternal sun-kissed friend, Lauren, had recently opted for a spray tan for her cousin’s May wedding. I was skeptical about it because I’ve tried at-home self-tanning kits and ended up with orangey skin, streaky lines down my arms, and freakish looking orange palms of my hands. I also hated the smell of the chemicals, making my clothes, towels, and sheets smell for days after applications.

So Lauren pointed me in a fabulous direction: spray tan! She told me about how she had been really happy with the results and even found a place in Philly that seemed similar to her experience elsewhere. So with only a few weeks to spare before our wedding, I called Bronzed, located near 12th and Walnut. They suggested I come in as soon as I could for a trial experience, and they were conveniently running a new customer special, a buy-one-get-one spray tan deal.

They were happy to answer all of my first timer questions even though they have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section on their website. They also have extremely flexible hours, so I was able to schedule a 9:20pm appointment on a Wednesday night. Upon my arrival, the staff was extremely friendly, and even though I was standing in close to nothing with a stranger spraying a weird substance on my body, I felt completely comfortable and excited about the results.

Afterwards, I paid close attention to the daily progress of the tan, figuring out which day I felt most comfortable with my skin tone. This way I could figure out exactly how many days before our wedding I should schedule my appointment. I was very happy with the results and the fact that I was getting a fragrance-free, healthy, and less time-consuming alternative to basking in the sun. So a sun-kissed bride I will be, comie June 29th!

Did you include a spray tan or tanning regimen into your beauty routine before your wedding? What were your results like?

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