Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My Husband’s Sexy Wedding Ring

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My Husband’s Sexy Wedding Ring


A package arrived for Sean a week ago. I knew what was inside based on the shipping label, and couldn’t wait for him to get home and open it. When Sean walked in the door I excitedly handed him the large envelope, encouraging him to open it immediately. He ripped open the seal and took out the envelope’s contents. “Try it on!” I begged.

A few minutes later Sean was wearing the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I stood in front of him, swooning, and told him that I couldn’t wait for him to wear it everyday! What was it, you ask? If your mind went to the gutter, get it out—it isn’t anything like that! It was his wedding band.

Sean and I started the process of searching for our wedding bands just a few weeks before. Initially, I stopped into a jeweler near Sean’s office to browse the various styles and get an idea of what I wanted. While I was excited about the new bling I would get to put on my left hand, Sean was less than thrilled to be trying on jewelry, so he sat that first appointment out. I had a nice experience at the store and tried on a number of different rings with the sales associate. Everything was going great until she asked the date of my wedding. “June 29th!” I said excitedly.

A concerned look crossed her face. “As in seven weeks from now?” she asked. “Ok, well you’re going to need to make a decision pretty soon as it can take four to six weeks for your ring to come in!”

Naturally, I began to panic. I thought you went into the jeweler, picked something out and took it home (clearly I did not play any role in choosing or ordering my engagement ring!)! When it comes to final-sale items I have total commitment issues, so I was freaked out that I needed to pick my wedding band (a ring I intend to wear forever) and pick it quick!

I told this to Sean when I got home from the jewelry store, and he got a little panicky, too.  Being busy with our new house and his hectic work schedule, Sean didn’t foresee having a lot of time to ring-shop, so he requested I “just pick one” and order it. Plus, Sean sort of figured that what the ring looked like wasn’t very important (“just something silver and plain”) because he will probably lose it at some point anyway (if you know Sean that shouldn’t surprise you).

Sean’s attitude toward his ring bummed me out, and I shared that with him. While he may lose this ring—and I hope he doesn’t—it is an important symbol that he will wear for the rest of his life. I love the ring he will give me on our wedding day, not only because it’s beautiful, but because it will be part of the ceremony of becoming husband and wife. So, with the intention of not losing the ring, I wanted him to select one that he really likes. When I put it to him in those terms, he agreed to the importance of the ring as a symbol and selected one he liked soon after.

It was that ring that arrived last week. I was really excited to see it in person (we ordered it online) and, more importantly, on Sean’s left hand! When he put that ring on I was overcome with excitement! I’ve been wearing a ring for the last year that symbolizes our engagement, but there’s been no physical indicator that he’s about to get married. Seeing that ring on his finger was a concrete reminder that he is (will be) linked to me forever—that we belong to one another. And that is an incredible thing.

As you read this entry we are just about two weeks from that sexy little ring being a permanent fixture on Sean’s finger—two weeks from the beginning of our happily ever after. And all the Playgirls in the world can’t beat the sexiness of that (wink wink).

Did you feel the same way about your groom’s wedding ring? What is it about a guy wearing one?


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