Paper Source in Philly and Ardmore Offering Wedding-Invitation Workshop

Paper Source in Philly and Ardmore Offering Wedding-Invitation Workshop

Paper Source wedding invitation;

If you are anything like me, when you go to Paper Source (we’ve got locations around these parts in Center City and Ardmore), you not only scoop up whatever it is you need (say, a singular birthday card), you also linger for a while, scooping up things way, way beyond the realm of what you need:  Multiple cards and treats for that birthday. Multiple cards and treats for occasions approximately six months down the line. A box of cute notecards, you know, just to have on hand. Mugs and magnets and books and Lord knows what else, and before you know it, you might as well have just bought a new pair of shoes. Paper Source is kind of like Target in this manner, except that on top of it, you also leave the store feeling bad that you’re not just a tad more Martha-Stewart-crafty.

Well, if the little paper boutique has that affect on you, and you are a bride-to-be who has not yet picked her invitations and who fancies herself a crafter, you might want to check this out: On Saturday, June 22nd from 11am to 1pm, both locations in this area are holding The Wedding Workshop, in which you can see what this crafty side of you is all about. For $20 bucks and two hours, the talented staff will give you an overview of their inspiration boards and show you a ton of examples of their invitations—and then set you to work with paper and enclosures and stamps a whole batch of those kinds of supplies that you always loved to go buy new at the start of each school year. The idea being, of course, that you just might be so good, you’ll end up DIY-ing this whole invitation thing.

Oh, and two other cool things: If you register for this with a friend, you guys will get 10-percent off the cost of the workshop—and, whether you’re alone or friended-up or what, all workshop participants receive a coupon for 10-percent off purchases after every workshop, including custom stuff.

Into it? You can sign up online here or by calling the store—where they will also be happy to answer any questions you might have, as well. Sounds fun! You know, for people who don’t think crafts sounds like torture. Let us know how you make out!

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