Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My Bachelorette Party!

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Carly!

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, the three days that Shore lovers such as myself look forward to every summer. It’s quite possibly the best weekend of the year. But this year’s Memorial Day in particular was extra fabulous because not only was it my favorite weekend of the year, but also my bachelorette party!

Initially, when my bridesmaids started asking what I wanted to do for my bachelorette, I’d immediately thought: Atlantic City, location of many fun nights while I was in college. But my sister (and maid of honor) had a better plan: “Let’s cram everyone into our shore house in Stone Harbor,” she persuaded. “We’ll rent a party bus and it’ll be so much fun!”  I was a little skeptical at first, worrying about how we’d all fit into our two-bedroom, one bathroom house, but I trusted my sister and bridesmaids to throw a great party, so I agreed to a Memorial Day-Bachelorette extravaganza at our shore house.

On Saturday morning, two of my bridesmaids, Jill and Tracy, along with my friend Kristin, piled all of our stuff into Jill’s SUV and hit the road prepared to brave hours of shore traffic. Except, the traffic never happened and we flew down the Shore in no time (which I took as a sign of great things to come!). It was pretty chilly, but we managed to sit outside for a bit, take a walk on 96th Street, and grab a slice of Peace a Pizza, my fave.

Soon, my sister Claire arrived with another bridesmaid Megan, followed by Rachel, who was visiting with her family in Avalon. We had a few drinks, put on our party clothes, and headed to Quahog’s Seafood Shack in downtown Stone Harbor for dinner. It was a chilly night, and we were seated outside, but we had blankets (provided by the restaurant) and wine to keep us warm. Dinner was so much fun: the food was great and the company even greater. My sister gave me a toast that brought on a few tears, but mostly the evening was full of smiles and laughter. We followed dinner with a night out at Jack’s Place where we danced to a live band (who let me perform with them on-stage for one song! And by perform I of course mean yell and screech.). We crawled into bed around 3am and tried to get some beauty rest for the next day.

A few more friends arrived on Sunday: Sara, Shannon, Molly and Christine. After getting asked to leave the beach for lack of tags (it was too cold, anyway!) we hit the Beach Bar at the Wind Drift for Coronas and reggae. After a few happy-hour drinks, we took shifts heading back to the house to help alleviate the line at the shower. It may have taken a while, but each girl showered, blow dried, and prettified in time for a round of shots before hopping onto the party bus.

The party bus was freaking awesome. It had flashing lights and a stripper pole! We were able to plug in our phones and play music, so the bus became one giant dance party. In fact, when we arrived to our first destination in Sea Isle, we stayed awhile on the bus, dancing right outside the bar! We continued our dance party in two bars, and the whole way home in the party bus. By 3am, once again, we were exhausted, and despite the cramped quarters, all found somewhat comfortable places to sleep and begin to recover from the crazy-fun weekend.

The next morning we scarfed bagels and lots of water before waving goodbye to a beautiful beach day and an absolutely amazing weekend. I have the best girlfriends in the world, who throw a great party and are just so much fun! Special thanks to Claire for coordinating everything, and the rest of my bridesmaids for helping her throw the best party ever (it will certainly rival my wedding!). I love you girls and am so lucky to have you in my life! Can we do it again next Memorial Day?

Was your bachelorette party different than what you originally thought it would be? How’d it work out?

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