Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: Another Surprise Shower!

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: Another Surprise Shower!

Carly and her girlfriends at her surprise shower.

Last Saturday night, Sean and I had plans to go out to dinner with his sister Rachel and her husband Colby to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. Rachel and Colby live in Delaware and were planning to come up to Philly for a night out. However, late Saturday afternoon Sean got a call from seven-months pregnant Rachel to say she wasn’t feeling up for the trip and that we should plan to celebrate another time. I was disappointed, as I love going out to dinner with them, but understood that between the threatening weather and her not feeling great, we’d literally need to take a rain check.

Luckily, we had back-up plans. My best friend Jill had planned a BBQ for Saturday night, which I’d thought we were going to miss because of our dinner plans. After Rachel and Colby cancelled, I immediately texted Jill to let her know we’d be coming over.

Sean and I had been working at our new house in Wilmington all day, so we got home and I immediately started to get ready to head over to Jill’s. Jill texted around 6:45 to let me know I should come in her front door because the side door we usually use was broken. I texted back that I’d be sure to use the front and that we’d be on our way as soon as Sean got out of the shower. We pulled up to Jill’s and made our way to the front door. As we got ready to walk in it dawned on me that I hadn’t texted Rachel to wish her a happy birthday, since I’d planned on seeing her that night.

“Sean, I need to text Rachel—can you knock while I do that?”

Suddenly, Sean was flustered. “Knock? Why would you knock? Actually I need to send a text message too.”

“What?” I said, “Who are you texting that you need to send it now?!”

“I, uh, um, Steve! I need to text Steve really quick. And don’t knock—why would you knock at your best friends house? Just go in!”

I put my phone away without sending the text. “Ok, weirdo,” I thought.

So, without knocking, I opened the door and looked to my left. There was my mom, sitting in Jill’s living room. Looking around, I noticed my bridesmaids scattered around the room. I turned around and looked at Sean, puzzled. Just then my niece-to-be Quinn ran toward me and yelled “Surprise!”

And surprised I was! There was no BBQ—my sneaky bridesmaids we throwing me a shower! And it was awesome! The shower was small—mostly my bridesmaids and a few other friends. My bridesmaids had put special touches on everything—from cupcakes designed to look like wedding dresses to nail polish favors in my wedding colors, everything was perfect. And because it was just me and my favorite girls in the world, I didn’t have to sit and open presents for hours or play any shower games—I just got to hang with my girls! Knowing me so well, and how I’m not a big fan of being the center of attention at large parties, my shower was modeled like a girls night, with sweet sangria and yummy snacks, and juicy gossip. I am so lucky to have the friends that I have and am so excited to spend Memorial Day weekend with them celebrating my last fling before the ring (more on that next week!)!

Did your friends manage to really surprise you with a bridal shower?

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