VIDEO: NFL Player’s Fiance Calls Off Wedding, Keeps $750,000 Engagement Ring; He Sues Her For It

You know, it’s probably not a good sign if the groom hypothetically throws out there, “So hey, like, if we didn’t actually end up getting married, you’d give me back the ring, right?” Like, that’s not something that I feel should probably come up during a strong and happy engagement. The bride gave him a sure, but whether it was to punish him for simply asking that question or not, that’s not what ended up happening in this messy little situation.

NFL star Mario Williams is suing his ex-fiance because, contrary to her (I’m guessing) shrugged-shouldered response to his hypothetically staged question, she both called off the wedding—and made off with the engagement ring. The engagement ring that cost him $750,000.

No matter what she supposedly “agreed” to, I generally think that whoever calls off the wedding needs to give the other person the ring. Unless it’s a peacefully reached, truly mutual decision—then the couple can amicably reach that decision together. Watch the video below for the deets on this mess.

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