BRIDAL DIET: 5 Healthy-Food Delivery Services in Philly

BRIDAL DIET: 5 Healthy-Food Delivery Services in Philly


Since Fresh Direct set up shop here last fall, I have definitely been hearing a lot of people talk about how it’s their new thing, how they’re obsessed, and how they are never going grocery shopping again. Haven’t tried it yet, but I can see the appeal.

Grocery and meal delivery service definitely seems to be a thing that’s catching on these days—and it’s understandable. People are insanely busy, people want to eat healthy food, and with delivery, getting to the store is just one less thing they have to do. And because we know that brides especially are people who can very nearly always benefit from having one less thing to do (and who are especially trying to eat well in preparation for rocking that dress on their Big Day!), we’re sharing Be Well Philly’s roundup of five healthy-food delivery services in Philly.

There’s a little something for everyone in here, whether it would work best for you to have an entire pantry’s worth of groceries delivered, already prepared healthy meals, or just some really fresh, local produce—there’s even an option in there for a week’s worth of healthy snacks. Check it out, and let us know how you make out!

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