Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My First Bridal Shower! Or: When Red Champagne Meets a White Dress

Bride-to-be Blogger Carly: My First Bridal Shower! Or: When Red Champagne Meets a White Dress

Carly with her mom and sister at her bridal shower.

I woke up one Sunday a few weeks ago to a beautiful day. Sun was pouring in my bedroom windows and the forecast promised mid-60s. What the forecast didn’t promise was the April shower that would take place that afternoon (and that’s because John Bolaris wasn’t invited!): my first bridal shower!

I say my first because I’m being blessed with three: one with my mom’s friends, one thrown by my bridesmaids, and a joint shower for both of us at his parents house with some of their local friends. This first shower was held at my parent’s house in Ambler, with a guest list including some family friends, a few of my mom’s co-workers, and some of my girlfriends as well.

My dad picked me up the morning of the shower and I headed to Ambler to primp with my mom and sister Claire. I changed into an off-white dress with beaded collar that I’d been saving for this occasion, and Claire touched up my makeup.

Around 2 o’clock, the guests began arriving. Soon after, my mom toasted with red champagne (did you know they make red champagne? Yum!) and then announced a get-to-know-each other game she and my dad had created the night before. While the women walked around trying to solve the clues related to this game, I sipped my champagne and chatted. As I caught up with my cousin Sophie, I clumsily dumped my entire glass of champagne (red champagne, mind you) straight down my front! Without thinking, I bolted to the second floor bathroom to clean up. While I stood in front of the mirror, cursing my clumsiness, I heard a knock on the door.

“Car? What happened?” My mom asked as I opened the door to show her my mess.

“Oh! Keep blotting, I’ll be right back!”

A moment later my mom reappeared with a similar, if not cuter, off-white dress. “Here! Wear this,” she said as she ripped off the tags. Mom to the rescue–and luckily we’re the same size!

I re-entered the party, debuting my new dress, and made a mental note to stick with clear beverages from then on.

The party went on to be very lovely. We lunched on delicious sandwiches and cake. Next, I opened the generous and fabulous gifts my guests had brought, a highlight being hand-painted china, passed down to me by my mom’s best friend Mary Ellen. Each plate is decorated with a landmark from Delaware, which were purchased by her grandmother and passed down to her. These plates are especially meaningful because Sean grew up and now works in Delaware, Sean and I met in Delaware—and we plan to move there over the summer to start our married life.

Did you have more than one shower with the different people in your life?

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