Brian Atwood Launching New Collection of Sky-High Bridal Shoes

Brian Atwood Launching New Collection of Sky-High Bridal Shoes

A style from Brian Atwood's new bridal collection.

It makes me so, so, so nervous when brides wear super duper high heels on their wedding day, even if they’re girls who usually rock six-inchers in their normal, every-day lives. There is just a lot of standing on that day, and walking, and dancing, and drinking champagne, and the last thing you want to be on your wedding day is ragingly uncomfortable, let alone in extreme pain. That said, I get it. They look good. Sometimes that’s all a bride needs to know.

But if you are one of those brides-to-be who is totally planning on wearing heels as high as the ones already gracing the shelves in your closet, then by all means, carry on. And it’s you, then, who will be especially happy to hear that starting this June, shoe-designer-to-the-stars Brian Atwood will be launching a brand new bridal collection of heels that are as sexy and brazen and yes, high, as his usual styles.

They’re gorg, of course, though I’m not in love with all of them—the insane platform just isn’t a look I personally dig on a bride—but there are 13 styles to choose from, so if super high designer heels are your thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you’re going to lust over in here. (After all, I don’t love the platforms, but I am a sucker for a crystal-covered heel, so there you go.) They’re also made-to-measure, and start at $895.

Check out the slideshow here. And then tell us: Who among you would totally rock these?

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