Releases New Feature: The Wedding Dress Calculator Releases New Feature: The Wedding Dress Calculator


The  wedding dress e-commerce site has been helping brides buy and sell their dresses at about 50-percent of the original retail price since 2004. And it’s been a pretty big hit: Since then, it’s sold over 15,000 dresses, with each one usually hanging out on the site for about 70 days before selling. Whether you’re in the market for a once-worn gown or looking to sell your dress to make back some of your cash, it’s a really solid option.

Now, the site has unveiled a new feature, the Wedding Dress Calculator, to help sellers get an idea of what, exactly, their gown is worth now that they’re putting it up for sale. You just enter in the designer and the style name of the dress, the date it was purchased, the original price, what kind of condition it’s in, and whether or not it’s been cleaned, and boom: You get a monetary value. Kinda like a Kelley Blue Book for wedding gowns, it feels like.

This way, before you decide for sure whether or not to sell your most beloved frock, you can at least figure out how much its sale would contribute to those charges you racked up on the honeymoon.

Are you planning to sell your dress after the wedding—or did you find your gown on a once-worn site or at a once-worn shop like this?

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