Wives’ “Sex and the City Drinking” Causing More and More Husbands to File For Divorce

So says a divorce lawyer.

Wives' "Sex and the City Drinking" Causing More and More Husbands to File For Divorce


Or, as Jezebel hysterically describes it, “marriages are falling apart because women be drinking.” So consider this your friendly PSA!

In a proclamation that made us giggle a little bit—well, not the divorce part, of course, but kinda the rest of it—a lawyer at a British law firm recently pointed out that these days, it would seem that wives a) are not waiting at home for their husbands perched over a hot stove; b) are going out and socializing and drinking with their friends (hence the dubbing of this particular activity as “Sex and the City drinking” we’re assuming; and c) (surprise!) are just as stressed as their husbands when it comes to work and life.

For these reasons, she claims to see 40-50 divorces per year where alcohol is reportedly the culprit—more often than not, the alcohol in the ladies’ hands, that is—or, in other mathematical terms, an increase of 70 percent over the past five years in divorces where the husband says that the wife is a boozer.

If those statistics concerning divorce—well, and alcoholism—are true, that’s bad, for sure. But the idea that women going out for drinks with their girlfriends is something new (I mean, SATC ended in 2004, after all) or is something that is so shocking and unacceptable to men that they’d peace out on their wives for such an offense seems a little odd. We’re going to have to agree with the Jez article that points out that perhaps something else is going on, here.

Either way, at the very least maybe just check in with your groom that he’s not keeping a little tally of your girls nights out in a secret Excel sheet to use against you the next time you yell at him for leaving his socks laying around.

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