PHOTO: Topanga and Cory’s Wedding Rings!

Yes, as in from Boy Meets World.

PHOTO: Topanga and Cory's Wedding Bands!

Cory and Topanga's wedding bands, from the set of Girl Meets World.

I realize that Danielle Fishel Tweeted this out a week or so ago and that that might make me a little late to the party—but whatevs. I was still so excited by it that I figured there were probably others out there like me—and so I give you: Cory and Topanga’s wedding rings!

Yep, the two—Fishel and TV husband Ben Savage—are filming a new show for the Disney Channel called Girl Meets World (right?) that’s all about the 13-year old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews from the beloved show—that somehow has been off the air for 15 years—Boy Meets World. This time, instead of adorable, quirky middle- and high-schoolers, the couple will be playing parents.

Come on, admit it: You’re kinda tempted to watch.

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