It’s National Proposal Day! Take a Look at This $45,000 Proposal and 8 Others We Love

It’s National Proposal Day! Did you know that was a thing? Well, it is.

(It’s also the first day of spring. Happy spring! And hallelujah.)

To celebrate, let’s do two things today. First, take a look at these very grand, very expensive proposals—including one that took $45,000 to pull off. I totally get where the guy is coming from when he says that dudes usually don’t have much to do with the wedding, and that the proposal is something they get to be in charge of—I actually like that train of thought a lot, and think it’s true!—but I do not agree with the sentiment that simply getting on bended knee is lame, or a thing of the past. However it happens, it’s awesome.


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Secondly, let’s take a look back at some of the touching, adorable, crazy, terrible proposals we’ve brought you in the past. These below are some of the standouts.

Penn State Love-Actually Style Video Proposal Goes Viral

This Video Proposal Is Making All the Girls In the Office Cry

Video: Dude Pretends Private Plane Is Going Down During Proposal

Olympic Torch Bearer Proposes to Girlfriend Mid Run

This Is Quite Possibly the Worst Proposal In the History of the World

Video: This Guy Wins For Most Thoughtful, Well-Planned (Scavenger!) Proposal Ever

Video: Guy Proposes With Boy Band-Style Music Video

Here’s How a Physicist Proposes to Another Physicist (Hint: It’s Very Geeky, and Very Sweet)

Do you know of anyone getting engaged today??

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