These Custom-Designed Guest Book Alternatives Are Awesome

And made by a Philly artist!


These Custom-Designed Guest Book Alternatives Are Awesome

PRINTS CHARMING: Wedding guest book, 16 inches by 20 inches, $84, and world map, eight by 10 inches, $39, both printed on 100 percent recycled wood from apple-orchard trees.


If there’s one thing Philly artist Ankita Kejariwal knows, it’s how to use color. And not in a Jackson Pollock throw-the-rainbow-on- a-canvas-and-see-what-sticks kind of way. Ankita, a former ad copywriter who studied at Moore College of Art & Design, incorporates just the right shades of peony pink and bright green into her art, including the totally customizable designs she creates for brides through her Etsy-based business, Textured Ink.

Her hand-sketched prints adorn everything from “wedding tree” guest books to customized-for-each-couple calendars to world maps signifying where a twosome met, fell in love or got married, all printed on recycled wood, paper or canvas. They’re bright and modern, with just a touch of nature-inspired whimsy. (“My first instinct is to draw trees and birds,” she says.) And custom art doesn’t mean months of waiting for the finished product: Ankita is hyper-aware of brides’ deadlines, can turn out your design in two to three weeks, and will even email clients print-it-yourself digital copies of her art if they’re the ones running late. From $20 to $200. —Nora Kelly

This article originally appeared in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Philadelphia Wedding.

For more pictures of her work, click here.

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